REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® customised for AVO-Werke August Beisse GmbH

REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® customised for AVO-Werke August Beisse GmbH

AVO-WERKE August Beisse GmbH is a traditional spice manufacturer undergoing the transition to Production 4.0. Together with AVO, we produced a video about storage and transport technology in their production facility in Belm. Our customised REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® with integrated coloured inlays is a safety-relevant component in this transport system. The REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® has an exceptional maximum load and its technical values are outstanding.

Project overview

REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® als Sonderanfertigung für AVO-WERKE August Beisse GmbH

Product properties

The challenge with this application lies in the capability of this special mat to absorb the high point loads generated by the metal feet on drums. Both automated and manual transport technology requires the precise positioning of the drums. Special inlays on the REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® makes this easier to achieve and make sure the centre of gravity is in the right position when the drums are transported. Thanks to sliding friction coefficients that remain very good even at low temperatures in cold storage, practical tests during automated forklift transport have shown that even emergency braking, among other things, does not cause the drums to slip.


This customised version of the REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® with colour inlays can be seen as an essential component in automated transport technology, helping to pave the way to Production 4.0.