Background information

Cost reductions with anti-slip mats

First and foremost, road transport is all about cargo safety. In the second instance, it's also a question of money and costs. Based on 240 transport tours per year, you can save approximately €32 000 by using our REGUPOL anti-slip mats for load securing. So, as you can see, our REGUPOL anti-slip mats are used for very good reasons. In our comparison below, you can see the precise cost savings of load securing with anti-slip mats compared to load securing without.

Cost reductions with REGUPOL anti-slip mats

Consequences of incorrect load securing

No-one wants accidents involving serious injury to people or damage to property. However, acceleration and breaking manoeuvres, lateral centrifugal force or vibrations can generate forces almost as high as the actual weight of the load itself. This can cause the load to slip and accidents can happen quicker than people think. lnsufficient load securing is the cause of an estimated 20% of all accidents in heavy goods transport. You can find the dangers that can arise from incorrect load securing in our description of insufficient and incorrect load securing.

Forces generated by different movements

1.0 G denotes the weight of the load. Accordingly, the forces which are exerted by various movements of the vehicle can reach up to 80% of this value in heavy goods road transport.

In this download, you can read about the forces generated by the various movements.


Legal basis

Currently valid law states that the loader and the driver are legally bound to secure the load. In addition, the forwarder is responsible for safe and road-worthy loading. Who is responsible and/or liable in the event of accidents or emergencies can be taken from our detailed description of the basic legal requirements.

Acceleration forces during transport

The risks arising from insufficient or incorrect load securing are often greatly underestimated. This is because acceleration forces in normal road traffic conditions are almost equivalent to the tare weight of the load. Our calculation example for acceleration forces in road transport demonstrates how the friction of an anti-slip mat works against the forces of load displacement.