REGUPOL calculation service

Check your load securing with easy LaSi software

Our free, flexible and tested easy LaSi software allows you to calculate your load securing quickly. And with our multi-language, user-friendly interface, you can rest assured that you'll always be on the safe side. lt's not complicated; you simply enter your data and can immediately see if your load is secured in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

The data entry fields on the easy LaSi software are designed to suit any circumstances. After you've entered all the relevant data, you will either receive confirmation that your load securing is correct or you will be notified of any deficiencies. The accuracy of the results has been confirmed by an independent expert, so you can rely completely on the results you are given. All documents can of course be stored, saved, printed out again or modified for different journeys. Once you have checked your load securing with us, you can be sure that your load is correctly secured. Put your trust in us! 

Load securing manual

We can offer you a complete reference book on the subject of load securing to make sure you are 100% up to date. On over 100 pages, this manual by Rolf Dänekas and Dr. Thomas Goedecke will provide you with all the practical knowledge you need.

The subjects covered include both legal and physical fundamentals, as well as various methods of load securing and calculation. To help simplify this complex subject, practical examples are presented using calculation tables, illustrations and photographs. The size of the book also makes it easy to store. lf you still have any questions on load securing, then visit our FAQ section, where you're sure to find the question and answer you're looking for. And if anything still isn't perfectly clear, you can, of course, always contact our sales staff.

Easy LaSi Card for load securing

The REGUPOL easy LaSi Card calculates two methods of securing stable loading units with REGUPOL anti-slip mats:   

  • the tie-down method
  • the diagonal lashing method

In a few simple steps, the card enables you to quickly and easily calculate the number of lashing straps required or the traction force they need to have. In addition, the REGUPOL LaSi Card is equipped with a protractor which makes it really easy to determine the lashing angle. A structured diagram with an overview of the REGUPOL anti-slip mats maximum load helps you to decide on the optimum size and thickness for securing the load in the best possible way. lts handy format and simple description means the card can be taken anywhere and used easily by anyone without any help. Don't hesitate to ask for your easy LaSi Card to be sent to you.