General Cargo


On the road, unexpected and sudden stops or turns will happen. If you drive a semi-truck or tractor-trailor, you know the importance of properly loading and transporting freight. When a load shifts during transit, it can cause the trailer to sway, rock, or flip. Product is damaged. And you put yourself as well as other motorists at risk. Cargo load shifts may sound inconvenient, but they can be quite dangerous. Luckily, you can minimize load shifts with the help of REGUPOL LoadSecure rubber friction matting. 

Marked in yellow in accordance with regulatory requirements, REGUPOL LoadSecure friction mattting is perfect for transporting general cargo and is approved and endorsed by AAR, FMSCA/DOT, and CCMTA. It's offered in single sheets or perforated rolls to meet your individual business needs. 

Everyone benefits from sound cargo securement: companies, drivers, customers, and motorists. When it comes to protecting your valuable cargo, trust REGUPOL LoadSecure. Its high friction surface will create a safe, secure, and approved load every time. 

Load Securement Solutions

Our REGUPOL LoadSecure 6910 friction mat is a workhorse.  Manufactured from recyled tires, its solid construction means it won't crumble, tear or roll up during trailer loading or unloading. It's perfect for all types of transportation: tracter trailer, intermodal container, rail car, and more. Line trailer floors easily and quickly with LoadSecure perforated rolls. Or, choose mats to increase the coefficient of friction between stacked items to prevent the items from shifting and sliding.

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For general cargo

REGUPOL loadsecure 6910

REGUPOL loadsecure 6910 friction mat offers ample grip to ensure your cargo stays where it belongs, regardless of how far it travels.