Effective load securement for a wide range of applications

Driving with an unsecured load is dangerous and a serious highway safety issue. When used alone or in combination with other load securing methods, REGUPOL LoadSecure is one of the most effective ways of minimizing this risk. Our anti-slip, friction mats secure all cargo: general goods, paper rolls, metal coils, steel drums, etc.—regardless of the weather conditions. 


Keep cargo where it belongs

Product damage during transportation is common and costly. Extensive and sometimes expensive precautions are taken to ensure a load is stabilized before it travels from one destination to another. REGUPOL LoadSecure friction mats, available in single mats or rolls,  are a cost-     effective, simple-to-use alternative to traditional wood blocking and bracing methods. Made from recycled tires, LoadSecure is naturally slip resistant, offering ample grip to ensure your cargo stays where it belongs, regardless of how far it’s being transported.


Why REGUPOL LoadSecure?

  • Improves safety by minimizing load shifts and risk of injury
  • Eliminates wood bracing and nail damage to product and your shipping container
  • Cuts down on product damage and insurance claim costs
  • Reduces loading and unloading times
  • Removable, reusable, and recyclable
  • Great in dry and wet conditions
  • Porous; allows liquids to seep through
  • Available in sheets or rolls, custom sizes available
  • Made in the USA
  • Approved and endorsed by AAR, FMSCA/DOT, and CCMTA

Always on the safe side. Keep it REGUPOL safe

To ensure your valuable shipments arrive safely and untouched, choose REGUPOL LoadSecure friction mats, a trusted name in load securement. Our 30 plus years' experience combined with our manufacturing expertise is a formula for long-term customer satisfaction.