Expertise and consulting

Personal advice on application

The initial situation in which each individual customer requires load securing is always very different. Each time, different goods with different weights or dimensions have to be secured and transported. Due to the many different requirements and wishes our customers have, we offer a personal consulting service for each individual case. Our sales staff will never give you short shrift on the telephone, but will take all the time you need to answer your individual questions to make sure you will feel you've had the best possible advice.

Should you require customized versions of our REGUPOL anti-slip mats, don't hesitate to contact us! Together, we will develop an anti-slip mat tailored precisely to your needs. We can supply appropriate cut-to-size mats for the most common cargo dimensions straight from stock at short notice. However, if your order volume is sufficiently high, you can have our anti-slip mats in your own specified sizes. We can even look into the matter of how your particular load will react on our anti-slip mat. We won't leave you all alone with unanswered questions.

Background information

As background information, the following documents are available for download:

  • The consequences of incorrect load securing
  • Forces generated by different movements
  • Legal basis
  • Acceleration forces during transport
  • Cost reductions with anti-slip mats

lf you have any questions about any product at all, don't hesitate to contact us!

Training materials

We also provide training materials for driving schools and HGV driving instructors, containing information on the texture and quality of our products and their correct application. The training package consists of our load securing manual, our easy LaSi Card and other product documentation.