What to do during safety checks

Accompanying documents on load securing

Our short, easy-to-understand information leaflet acts as a kind of personal assistant for traffic controls and spot checks. lt informs your drivers before they start their tour how best to behave to make sure they're always on the safe side when being checked by the police. Besides the leaflet, we can, on request, also provide you with our internal quality certificates which we compile during the course of our ISO 9001 quality assurance procedure. This clearly demonstrates that we take our product quality very seriously. On top of this, the documents accompanying our REGUPOL anti-slip mats give both you and the police inspectors the security of knowing that your load securing has been carried out correctly.

How to behave during spot checks

How should I behave during spot checks by the police? To be confident during spot checks, it's always best to plan the loading of your truck completely before you start. Only then will you be able to drive with the confidence and assurance you need on the road. Our easy-to-understand information leaflet can serve as a checklist. lf you've been through the points we've listed and fulfilled them all, you can feel safe during vehicle checks -with your REGUPOL anti-slip mats. Take a look at our information leaflet in your own time.